Stay with a host family in Trapani to improve your Italian

Staying with an Italian person or a family in Trapani for an Italian course by the sea in Sicily

To make the most of your study holiday in Italy you can stay with a local Italian host family to learn the Italian language not just by attending an Italian school in Italy but also when at home! This option combines business with pleasure, the richness of the language spoken in its context and the warmth of a Sicilian family.

To guarantee a pleasant stay in a welcoming environment, Scuola Virgilio selects trusted families living in the city centre of Trapani and neighboring areas. Please click on the link for more details on homestay accommodation.

Students can enjoy host family accommodation year round, not just during Scuola Virgilio's summer intensive Italian courses in Sicily. Depending on the type of Italian course in Italy chosen, the accommodation may or may not be included in the price. For example, for those who choose homestay classes with an Italian teacher, the package includes both the course and the accommodation. Further information is available on demand.

Dicono di noi...

Vitalba, meine Lehrerin, ist sehr sympathisch und hat mit uns sehr viele Aspekte der italienischen und sizilianischen Kultur durchgenommen. Wir haben Grammatik gemacht, wir haben Filme geguckt und Bilder besprochen, Musik gehört und über das Essen hier gesprochen. Wir sind zusammen abends ausgegangen und haben viel zusammen unternommen. Ja, es hat mir sehr sehr gut gefallen!
Katharina, Deutschland
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