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Since 2006, Scuola Virgilio has been the first and only Italian language school for foreigners in Trapani, the main urban center west of Palermo but also an authentic city on a human scale and central point for holidays in western Sicily.

Throughout the year, it offers private lessons of general or specific Italian (also as a homestay course); intensive weeks for closed groups and schools; remote Italian lessons; preparation for CELI Italian language exams (including B1 for citizenship) of which Scuola Virgilio is the only exam center in the province of Trapani.

During the long Sicilian summer from April to October, Scuola Virgilio’s intensive Italian language and culture classes by the sea are the core of a language vacation in Southern Italy, an immersive experience for young people, adults and seniors alike. It includes daily intensive study of the Italian language and other activities such as Italian and Sicilian cooking courses, visits and excursions.

In combination with group and individual Italian courses or even separately, special Italian programs are available to combine the study of the Italian language with other active tourism activities.

A team of friendly, experienced qualified teachers who are passionate about their work
Communicative approach to learn Italian as it is actually spoken in everyday life
Official CELI exam centre for the Perugia Foreigners' University: all levels from A1 to C2


Scuola Virgilio is proud to have a multifaceted and cosmopolitan identity, having welcomed several hundreds of students of all ages from over 50 countries across the 5 continents since 2006.

To attend the Italian courses in Sicily at Scuola Virgilio (and / or take any exams) you must register by filling out the registration form and paying a 50€ registration fee.

Enrollment at Scuola Virgilio is valid for two years and includes:

  • placement test, attendance certificate;
  • personal assistance in finding accommodation;
  • welcome pack with useful information and tourist brochures;
  • discounts and benefits in affiliated businesses;
  • membership at our online conversation exchange group;
  • access to the multimedia library.
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Intensive Italian Group Courses

Upon request Scuola Virgilio welcomes all year round closed groups wishing to study Italian by the sea as part of a language holiday in Italy.

Private Italian Lessons

All year round Scuola Virgilio offers tailor-made private Italian classes for one person or two people, either in their personal or professional capacity.

Intensive Weeks For Groups

In addition to the intensive seasonal Italian courses, on request the Scuola Virgilio all year round allows organized groups to study Italian by the sea as part of a study holiday in western Sicily: a language learning experience that combines tourism cultural and discovery of an uncontaminated natural context.

The language stay in the basic formula includes an intensive course of Italian in Italy of 15 hours per week (3 hours per day, for 5 days) which can be extended up to 30 hours per week (morning and afternoon). Lessons take place at the Virgilio School or another location in Trapani or in the area (Erice, Marsala, San Vito Lo Capo…). The package can include accommodation, excursions, cooking classes and other activities and can be adapted to students of all ages: young people, adults and seniors.

Package example for 8+ people:

● 7 nights in a double room with breakfast;
● 15 hours of Italian course;
● 5 activities: guided tour, bike ride, tasting, film club, conversation evening.

Price: 440 € per person.

Homestay Italian Courses at the Teacher's Home

If attending an Italian school in Italy is the best way to learn the language, studying Italian at the teacher’s home is certainly an even more effective and convivial way to do it!

50+ Italian Classes

Scuola Virgilio’s Italian language courses by the sea are attended by students from many different countries, the vast majority of them being adult learners over 50 years of age. As a result, Scuola Virgilio has over 15 years experience providing 50+ Italian language classes.

Remote Italian Classes

In addition to Italian language courses by the sea in Trapani, Sicily, Scuola Virgilio also offers virtual lessons with online Italian classes. If you are very busy, travel often or you do not have many opportunities to attend an Italian course where you live, you can attend Italian lessons via videoconferencing  from the comfort of your home or office

Bildungsurlaub and Business Italian

Most of Scuola Virgilio’s students study Italian for leisure, but the school also caters for professionals looking to learn Italian for work, possibly with industry-specific language. This is generally done via private lessons or a combination of private lessons and group classes.

In particular, Scuola Virgilio offers Italian classes that are recognised as Bildungsurlaub for employees of companies or entities based in Germany. These are intensive or super-intensive courses that contain (depending on the German federate State) an overall 30 to 40 hours of 45 minutes. For more information please check out the specific page on Scuola Virgilio’s Bildungsurlaub-recognised Italian courses.

Italian language Certification Exams

Those who study Italian in Trapani can obtain the CELI certification (Certificate of knowledge of the Italian language) as Scuola Virgilio is an examination center authorised by the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

Divided into six levels (from A1 to C2) according to the CEFR, the CELI exams attest to skills and abilities to use the Italian language and are useful for both work and study.

In addition to the general CELI exams, it is possible to take specific exams such as the CELI 2i exam – level  B1 for citizenship.

To sit a CELI exam it is necessary to register at least five weeks before the exam, according to the calendar prepared by the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

Learn Italian and work as an aupair in Sicily

If you are at least 18 years old, you speak at least English and a little Italian and would like to work while studying in an Italian school by the sea, you can participate in the Work’n’Learn program: in the morning you will study Italian in an intensive group course, in the afternoon or evening you will work. Scuola Virgilio provides you with Italian language lessons and helps you find accommodation and a job or a placement as an aupair.

Accommodation in Trapani

Scuola Virgilio selects quality accommodations in the old town center of Trapani

Airport Transfer

For students traveling from abroad to attend its Italian courses in Italy, Scuola Virgilio offers a free private transfer booking service from the two airports in western Sicily

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    Un grazie di cuore a tutta la Scuola Virgilio per due settimane fantastiche. È stata una esperienza bellissima che consiglierei a tutti. Purtroppo il tempo è passato velocemente, come sempre quando ti divertiti, ma non è stato un addio, è stato solo un arrivederci, perché nella vita ci si vede sempre due volte.

    Foto di testimonial

    The schools really gives you a family feeling, which makes the Italian lessons much easier and enjoyable! I learned a lot and I did also meet a lot of new friends, fantastic experience and I will repeat it if I have the chance!!

    Ivan Testimonial

    Classes are small and personal attention is the key. A mixture of grammar, oral reading and small group conversation, coupled with enthusiastic instructors make for an ideal learning environment… and if you are lucky, your classroom will have a sea view!

    Paula Testimonial
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